Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mmmmm Coffee

I sure love coffee. I miss going to work and first thing I would do was go fill up my mug with hot coffee. Sometimes the coffee was bad. Really bad. But when it was good it made my day. Work seemed much easier with my steaming cup right next to me. I miss that ritual. A few times someone kept stealing my creamer. I didn't mind if it was a little bit but they nearly emptied it. So I put a BUNCh of salt in it and maybe some hot pepper. Ha ha I don't know who actually used it but it still makes me laugh thinking about the face they made when they drank it.

For all coffee lovers <3
McDonalds coffee is not bad...usually. But their coffee house inspired drinks are pretty sad. First of all the people at McDonalds are not baristas! They have no idea how to make a mocha latte the right way. Once in a while they get lucky and it turns out ok. But usually it is a pretty sad attempt and it's still expensive. 

From February 28th through March 6th you will get a free small coffee from McDonalds!

1 comment:

  1. funny, that's what they get for taking your creamer. I agree with you, i LOVE my coffee in the morning, not sure how i would get thru the day without it.





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