Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my kid is a demon or just really likes candy

Holy crap. Who knew a three year old could be so strong? Today was supposed to be a fun day. I took Evan to the bounce place to play. He had a lot of fun and he was being so good. So I decided to brave the store with him. Big mistake. He wanted stuff we already had. Like cheese. He insisted on getting cheese. I kept telling him that we already had a lot of cheese at home but he was not taking no for an answer. Then he wanted these slim fast drinks. He just had to have them! I only ended up getting a few groceries before I gave up and left. On the way out he grabbed skittles and I told him no. He kept grabbing them and tried to run out the door with them in hand. I had to put them back and try to carry him and push the cart outside. Well he does the limp kid move and I can't even carry him now. So now he is outside of the store screaming and lying on the concrete.  I try to pick him up but it just can't be done. He wiggles, scratches, kicks and pulls hair. If I try to take him by his hand he just lays down and won't move.

Well anyways, it takes a half hour to get him to the car and buckled. My arms hurt from holding him down to try to buckle him. I got scratches on my face and as we were driving he threw his shoe right at me. I am exhausted physically and emotionally. I don't understand why he gets like this. The whole time he was SCREAMING about wanting that candy. It's like he can not let go of that thought. He becomes insane with it. Now he is being nice and calm. 


  1. sounds like a major temper tantrum!
    i hope you gave him a good wallop on the butt!

  2. I agree w/ gramma, that's an absolute last resort method that has been around since the beginning of time, only back then it wasn't a LAST resort, it was the ONLY resort.

    I know some adults that act that way..in a sense where they can't let go of a thought or desire until it's fulfilled; hence, OCD. Hopefully he overcomes this behavior!





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