Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thrift Store Shopping Scores

I've been shopping in thrift stores since it was the cool thing to do in the 90's. It was fun and I always found amazing stuff. Lately I've been going back to thrifting. I love the hunt and when you find something that makes you all giddy it starts to get addicting.

This past month I took a little too many trips to the thrift shops. I think it was a little bit of therapy for me since Alex was in the hospital. At least it was cheap therapy. 

This cute fall jacket is nothing special but it was $5 and it looks better in person. The blue didn't come out in the picture. 

This awesome The Walking Dead Governor's office was a splurge. $10 but it was brand new and I had seen it in Toy's R Us around Christmas time and have regretted not getting it!

And my grand finale, my most favorite item of the year! A Marc Jacobs clutch in my favorite color! I think I paid $12 for it. I haven't been able to find this exact style but I think it retails between $100 - $175. It's small, so it will be a special going out purse (whenever that happens). I love, love, love it! Purses are my favorite item to find and you would be shocked at what people get rid of!

Free Printable Cleaning Schedule

Are you anal? Do you like to clean? Well have I got something for you! Print this bad baby out from and put your OCD to work!

Friday, August 21, 2015


After a month of being in the hospital, we are home! I feel overwhelmed at the moment and don't even know what to do. Poor Alex is saying he wants to sleep at the hospital. :( We have so many meds and I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow but I just can't. 

This is how I feel at the moment...
Trying to clean everything up and get back to normal but everything is just turns into a mess.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Free Kindle Books for Back to School

Load some free kindle books onto your reading device. It doesn't have to be a kindle!

Every Day is Like Sunday

I had an 80's dream last night. During the three hours of sleep I had I dreamed about Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And now I have this song stuck in my head. Fits the days here well.

Strange and Adorable Animal Friends

Having a terrible, no good day and the only thing that will raise me from the depths of despair are odd animal friendships. Enjoy

Torque, a 6-month-old greyhound, befriended a baby owl at an animal center when she was taken from her mother for her own protection after just three days. Keepers say the dog seems to have adopted Shrek the owl as his own daughter and is extremely protective of her.

Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox have been the best of friends since they met in the forests of Norway. Torgeir Berge, Tinni’s owner, does what he can to keep up and photograph the pair as they play in the woods.

This curious pair was spotted playing by fishermen on the shore of Lake Van in Turkey. Not much is known beyond the fact that they’re very cute and very playful.

These two white tiger cubs were separated from their mother after her enclosure was flooded during a hurricane. Fortunately, they’ve been adopted by a U.S. animal reserve by Anjana the chimpanzee and their caretaker, China York. Anjana has helped China raise many different orphaned animals, so we’re sure they’re in good hands.

And some random pictures

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Whirlpool of Despair: Baton Rouge

"The only excursion in my life outside of New Orleans took me through the vortex to the whirlpool of despair: Baton Rouge ," says New Orleanian Ignatius J. Reilly, in "A Confederacy of Dunces."

The honeymoon is over. Has been over for quite some time. The novelty of living someplace new has officially worn off and I'm ready to move on. I have tried to love where I am. Maybe I just need more time. Shouldn't you know after six months if you are with "the one"?

Ahhh Baton Rouge you have a few things going for you but more going against you. Yes your food is pretty darn good but I think I need a little more variety like say something green and not fried? How about anything not fried or with sugar in it?  How about more to do and talk about than LSU? For Gods sake it's college football. Get over it! Do the port-o-potties really have to be purple and gold? Do people really have the dying wish to put "Who dat" on their grave? (yes I have seen it)

I really could go on with the list but I will stop. Who knew a city so close to New Orleans could be so different? Well one thing is like nola, crime (BR is in FBI's top 5 for murder rate).  It's just a big sprawling, dirty mess. I don't know maybe I am missing something?

Having a Toddler in the Hospital Sucks; Here's How to Get Through It

Having a toddler in the hospital is no fun for anyone. I am going on a month of having my little heart warrior in the children's hospital and I have found out what I do and don't need to get through this.

This is a list of some must haves for an extended hospital say.

  • Movies. Oh I hope you have a kid that likes movies. At the hospital we are at they have a poor selection of TV and movies. Luckily my husband rigged up our Amazon Fire TV Stick
     and we are able to have much better choices.
  • A Lap Tray is provided in our room. If your hospital doesn't have them I would suggest buying one. It's great to eat on, play on and color on. 
  • Balloons are a must have! They really make the room feel cheerier but don't buy them in the gift shop! Find a dollar store and go crazy! 
  • Buzzy Pain Relief System is a little portable bee or lady bug that vibrates and has attachable ice packs. The sensation is supposed to lesson the pain of injections. I bought a buzzy lady bug after I found out that Alex would be needing injections twice a day for six weeks. I haven't determined yet if buzzy is totally worth the money (it is pricey). It does seem to lesson the crying and length of pain. I spoke with child life in the hospital and they do believe it helps and they are advocating to get more buzzy's. They did say that some kids are afraid of the bee so they always opt for the lady bug.
  • Get out of the room if you can. We take lots of walks. We go up and down the elevator. If it's nice outside we go look for bunnies and squirrels. We go to the playroom a lot. 

  • I was having to fight with my toddler to take his medicine all the time and it was wearing me out and making me feel horrible. Child life (a wonderful resource) told me I did not have to give him medicine or hold him down while it was given. They suggested that I should be his safe person and that it would be totally fine with the nurses. This was such a relief to me. I hated forcing him to take anything. He already disliked the nurses so nothing would change!
  • Treat yourself! It is extremely stressful to live in the hospital and see your child go through painful procedures. Actually it fucking sucks! I relieve some of my stress with a good coffee and looking through shallow magazines about celebrities.

Ipsy Makeup Subscription for August

What is it about makeup and beauty item samples that I can't get enough of? I love trying all of the new product. I get so excited when I get samples even for stuff I wouldn't normally use. I found a new makeup subscription called Ipsy. You get a glam bag each month for $10. The collectible makeup bags are filled with 4-5 products.

This is my first bag I've gotten. The bag is really cute and sturdy. I would totally use it!
I had two eyeliner in my bag. One of the liner is actually a lip and eyeliner. It's not a great color for my eyes but for lips its perfect.
Here is the full sized cream blush that was included. I love the color and a little goes a long way.

Next is some in shower moisturizer that I can't wait to try.

Lastly I received wrinkle resist serum by Paula's Choice. I hope it works!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Free The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printables

Kids books are a big part of my life. I love reading to my kids and wish I had more time to do so. My favorite children's author is Eric Carle. His stories are simple, short enough to not annoy parents and educational. Did you know that The Very Hungry Caterpillar came out in 1969?! It's a timeless classic. The pictures in his books are my favorite part. Have your kids try their hand at coloring like Eric Carle with these free printable pages from The Official Eric Carle website.


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